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Childhood Obesity According to the CDC, one in five children is obese. These numbers are staggering, not to mention shocking, with childhood obesity tripling in the past 30 years. Youth around the world today are taking in more calories than they are burning. Cars have replaced walking and biking, youth are drawn to the TV and video games instead of playing outside, and parents are grabbing fast food on the run between work, chores, and their kids’ athletic games or school activities. What is concerning is that the average American is so involved in the immediate now, that the long term impacts are not considered, but we need to be more aware. Statistics show that overweight/obese children tend to be obese as adults, and obesity kills.
The physicians at IPM are prepared to work with you and your family towards a healthier lifestyle. Chiropractic for Children Studies have shown that chiropractic care has improved the health of not only adults, but children. Regular adjustments in children, especially those with immunologic disorders, ADD, Autism, ear infections, etc., helped in several areas including increased range of motion, reduction of other health issues, improved control of bladder and bowel, decreased hyperactivity and aggressive behavior, and often times reduced or eliminated the need for numerous medications for participants. Colic/Reflux/GERD Many new parents experience overwhelming frustration when their baby is crying inconsolably despite their best efforts to meet their needs. Colic, which occurs more frequently than one would like, is a state in which the infant won’t stop crying (or may clench their fists, grimace, hold breath or be more active), due to abdominal discomfort. Whether they are having reflux or issues with their digestive track, something is not right and needs to be corrected. Studies have shown that these symptoms may be linked to bio mechanical disturbances of the spinal joints and
Interventional Pain Management strives to make a difference in health care for the entire family. When your child “hurts,” you hurt. We work to increase your child's immune system, leading to better overall well-being. Better health means less sleepless nights trying to comfort your baby or toddler from the painful experience of Colic, Earaches and other imbalances. We embrace a holistic, whole-body approach to promote optimal health and wellness. Our treatment plans are customized to the uniqueness of your child to help alleviate a multitude of childhood ailments and disorders. Holistic care for our children should begin at birth. By keeping chemicals, toxins, allergens, and synthetic medication out of their system – we can help their bodies develop properly and boost their immune system. Preventative health care creates optimal environments where your children can thrive and develop both mentally and physically. Whether your child has allergies, asthma, colic, frequent ear infections, unexplained rashes, or maybe a spectrum disorder like ADD/ADHD or autism, we can help. Our focus is on bolstering your child’s immune system, restoring proper digestion, restoring balance, and alleviating their issues by using support therapies to compliment what works best for them. ADD/ADHD Children suffering from attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) usually display disturbances in mood, behavior, and school performance that may negatively influence their social skills and academic performance. The use of conventional drugs may have serious side effects and add to the severity of the symptoms, rather than treating the underlying cause. Consumption of certain foods and beverages is known to cause severe problems in children with ADD, with a possible link to the phosphates found in many preserved foods. Heavy metal toxicity has also been shown to cause damage to the brain and immune system even in unborn children.
Allergies Children are exposed to many more allergens these days than they were 50 years ago. A build-up in their bodies of the toxins they are exposed to daily, along with offending foods, can lead to intolerance's, sensitivities, or full blown allergies. An allergy is considered an imbalance of the immune system, and as such balance needs to be restored not only to the immune system, but to other major response systems in order to find optimal relief. Unpleasant reactions to the offending substances (or situations) can affect every major body system, causing headaches, joint pain, constipation, abdominal discomfort and more. The physicians in our office are very thorough in the testing they provide to determine whether your child may have a food or environmental allergy. They will address the problem, provide you with a good understanding of where the issues may be stemming from, and will work with you on a customized treatment plan that will help to relieve your child’s discomfort.
Complications of obesity include: • High levels of fats in the organs and body lead to heart disease – cardiovascular disease such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure. • Joints and bones are at risk because of the weight pressing on them. • Sleep apnea • Social and psychological problems from poor self-esteem • Asthma and Type II Diabetes
manipulation can alleviate some of the pain. Regular adjustments can be one way of reducing the symptoms, along with dietary recommendations and testing for intolerance's. Note – starting babies on solid foods too early can increase digestive problems. Ask your physician when your baby is ready. Constipation Constipation is not uncommon, usually not harmful, and in babies and toddlers is normal. Signs of constipation can include no bowel movement for a few days, hard stools (dry and pebbly), straining to pass a stool, pain in passing a stool, a hard abdomen or blood in the stool. Diet may play a factor in the constipation, as can medication. Sometimes baby formula and formula changes can cause it. Whatever the cause, we can help. Simple things to try at home include laying your baby on their back (on the floor or in your lap) facing you. Peddle their legs like a bicycle. Warm baths will also help your baby to relax and move the stool easier. Keep them hydrated with water, which will keep the intestines hydrated and keep the stool moist making it less painful to have a bowel movement. Massage your baby’s stomach in a circular motion going with the flow of the large intestine can help to stimulate a bowel movement. If these tips aren’t quite enough, contact our physicians to see if something else is causing the constipation that requires other treatment. Ear Aches/Infection/Otitis Media Ear aches generally occur in young children because of plugged Eustachian tubes, caused by upper respiratory or sinus infections. Fluid thickens and blocks the tubes, creating a prime breeding ground for bacteria buildup and infection. Younger children’s ears don’t drain as easily because the tubes are more horizontal and not curved down yet. Treating ear aches naturally is the best course of action to keeping your child’s body in balance. A healthy child carries microscopic bacteria called Flora (good bacteria) in their body. Flora fights off excess buildup of yeast. Too much yeast can create other infections in the intestinal tract. When antibiotics are introduced, the good bacteria are killed along with the bad. Also, when antibiotics are used early in life, a child could develop immunity to those antibiotics meaning that if they are sick later they will require stronger doses for them to be effective. Our doctors encourage the use of natural supplements that encourage friendly intestinal flora growth, as well as strengthening of the immune system naturally in order to decrease the chances of building up immunity to antibiotics for when they really may be needed.