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Lupus Systemic Lupus Erythematosis commonly known as Lupus, is a chronic inflammatory disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. The inflammation caused by Lupus can affect your joints, heart, lungs, skin, blood and kidneys. Lupus can be hard to diagnose because its signs and symptoms often mimic other conditions. The most distinguishing sign of lupus is a facial rash that resembles a butterfly unfolded across the bridge of the nose and cheeks. Unfortunately, there is no cure for Lupus, but it can be managed with the right care. Symptoms of Lupus Include: Fatigue/Fever Shortness of Breath Joint Pain, Stiffness, Swelling Chest Pain Butterfly Shaped Facial Rash Dry Eyes Skin Lesions That Appear Or Worsen With Sun Exposure Headache, Confusion, Memory Loss Fingers And Toes That Turn White/Blue When Exposed To Cold Or Stress Lupus occurs when your body’s immune system attacks the healthy tissue in your body. The cause for Lupus is unknown, however heredity and environment factors seem to play a role. Common Risk Factors Include: Gender - Women are more likely to have Lupus than men. Age - General age for Lupus diagnosis can range from 15 to 40 years old. Race - Lupus is more common in African Americans, Asians and Hispanics. When Left Untreated Inflammation From Lupus Can Cause Damage To: Kidneys Lungs Brain Heart Blood/Blood Vessels How We Can Help! Blood/Urine Tests Diet & Supplements Acupuncture The therapies our clinic provides have been proven to provide relief for many patients suffering from autoimmune disorders. Our team works to not only provide pain relief, but to help get your body to feeling its best. The combination of therapies provided by your doctor will be specifically designed to tailor your body. Call us today to begin your journey toward better health! (815) 397-8500