Dr. Andrew Kong & Associates
Fertility is sometimes taken for granted, and while some women go to great lengths to prevent it, others are desperate for a chance. Men and women are susceptible to hormone imbalance and we work with couples to design plans that target their specific imbalances causing infertility. We know that the path to conception is overwhelming, expensive, painful, and can be unsuccessful when using traditional medical approaches alone. Our team has experienced great success with our infertility patients; we offer less painful and invasive options, and encourage co-management of your health with your medical doctor if you choose. We also highly advise continuing care once you have achieved pregnancy, we offer care throughout the pregnancy and afterwards for you and your new family. A variety of alternative and holistic medical therapies are used to help treat infertility (commonly caused by increased age, hormonal imbalance, ovulation disorders, and more) according to test results. They may include nutritional counseling (identifying food sensitivities and allergies helps minimize stressors which may contribute to infertility), acupuncture (which studies have shown improves chances of conception greatly), detoxification (to rid the body of toxins that may cause birth defects), and lifestyle counseling to name a few. Your Naturopathic Evaluation at IPM is the first step towards restoring your balance and reproductive wellness.
Infertility Infertility has been defined as the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse, or the inability to carry a pregnancy to live birth. Research has shown that infertility affects 1 in 8 couples, and is slowly increasing with time. As many as 7.4 million women have received infertility services in their lifetime. If you are unsure why you cannot conceive, both partners can be treated if that is what the couple wishes, studies have shown that women attributed to 1/3 of infertility, men also attributed 1/3 of infertility and the last 1/3 is either both partners or an unknown cause. Holistic Health Care can benefit couples who suffer from infertility through the use of acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and vitamin therapy. This combination of therapies proves to be very successful in helping couples create the family they have hoped for! We work together as a team to manage emotions and stress, balance and detoxify your body, and make sure that you are receiving the correct amounts of nutrition your body must have. Infertility is linked side by side with stress. This is because stress can cause the infertility, or the infertility causes stress. When your stress is reduced, your chances to conceive increase! If you are thinking about expanding your family, whether or not you need assistance, there is more to think about in today’s society than ever before. Genetics, what your mother ate with you in her belly, what you eat right now – these all play a role in your chances of having a healthy baby. It is extremely important that before you choose to conceive you clean out your system of the heavy metals and toxins that can impact the health of your unborn child.
How We Can Help Acupuncture – Acupuncture can help to stabilize your body, and focuses on balancing the emotional and hormonal challenges you may be facing. Many of our infertility patients live with the stress of why they cannot conceive, however when we achieve a calm and stable emotional level we have seen our patients thrive! Acupuncture has also been shown to make IVF treatments 60-70% more effective. Chiropractic Manipulation – Chiropractic Manipulations align your spine enabling proper nerve function, allowing you to manage stress more effectively. Blood Work – Our expansive blood panel will show us if your infertility could be caused by an insufficiency or toxins and also gives us a great deal of information on the health of your organs. This information allows us to pin point the nature of your infertility. Diagnostic Testing – We use a functional hormone test, which gives our team the best understanding of how your hormone levels fluctuate throughout the month, through samples taken 11 times in 30 days. Diet / Nutritional Supplements – Providing you with the correct vitamins, minerals and enzymes prepares your body to have an abundant reserve built up to properly nourish both you and your child.