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Sleep Disorders More than eight in ten survey respondents think that people often or sometimes misuse prescription sleep aids. Caffeine has been called the most popular drug in the world. All over the world people consume caffeine on a daily basis in coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, some soft drinks, and some drugs. Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise. According to the results of NSF's 2008 Sleep in America poll, 36 percent of American drive drowsy or fall asleep while driving.
There are many factors that can impact your quality of sleep. Whether it is racing thoughts, young children, snoring, or even the effects of caffeine and food intake, we can help. We tend to over pack our days, between work, family, hobbies, and chores; while we cannot always sleep longer, improving the quality of sleep can make a great difference. You will see an improvement through the use of chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage, and natural supplements. Snoring is the primary cause of sleep disruption for approximately 90 million American adults; 37 million on a regular basis, snoring can sometimes be caused by misalignments in your neck (cervical spine). This can be treated and managed through adjustments, which can promote relief. Racing thoughts are often easily managed through the use of supplements and herbs.
Acupuncture can also help with natural chemical and hormone balance, relaxation, and promotes breathing exercises to enhance relaxation which you can also use at home. Massage can also assist you with relaxation, and relieve any discomfort that may be keeping you awake. We also may advise the use of natural herbs and supplements that make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep, all without unwanted side effects. While we can’t do much about children keeping you awake at night, we can help them sleep better as well. We stock natural sleep aids for children, and adjustments have been proven to help children of all ages sleep better and longer, even newborns! We also provide nutritional counseling which includes guidance with eliminating caffeine, and figuring out what triggers may be keeping you awake, i.e. salt. Our combination of therapies allows you to get better rest and wake easier. This also leaves you in a better mood and improves mental clarity. Call (815) 397-8500, to resolve your sleep issues!