Dr. Andrew Kong & Associates
Physical and Rehabilitation Therapies We specialize in spine and joint rehabilitation take a team approach to providing high quality health care and implementing diagnostic and personalized rehabilitation plans. Physical Therapy Numerous patients have greatly benefited from physical therapy. We treat a variety of patients, from auto accidents, to sports injuries, to muscular imbalances. Our staff will guide you through a course of therapy devised specifically with your injuries and weaknesses in mind. This type of specific work, allows for the greatest margin of improvement. Our physical therapy sessions include warm-ups, stretches, and exercises. Many times our physical therapy patients receive acupuncture, chiropractic manipulations, massage therapy, and physiotherapies to complement their treatment. Physiotherapy Our doctors and therapists will work together to develop a comprehensive physiotherapy program designed to help you regain your range of motion, muscle tone and strength while helping to alleviate your pain. Interferential Therapy Our therapy department uses advanced equipment to help our patients heal more effectively. A small current of energy is applied to decrease muscle spasms and increase the body’s rate of healing. By using interferential therapy on your injured areas, your pain can be diminished. Ultrasound Therapy This time-tested technique involves applying high frequency sound waves to the injured area. This specific type of sound wave improves the body’s ability to recover from trauma and Inflammation. Laser Therapy Our laser therapy system is designed to treat soft tissue injuries, inflammation and numbness. A low-level laser is applied to the affected area to stimulate cell growth and vascular activity. As a result, the amount of swollen tissue is reduced, and cellular function is improved.