Dr. Andrew Kong & Associates
Erectile Dysfunction
As many as 52 percent of men will experience erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is responsible for building muscle and strong bone mass, regulating sperm production, and sex drive. Testosterone also influences male pattern fat distribution, bone density, and red blood cell production. Erectile Dysfunction may be caused by emotional distress such as stress, depression, anxiety, or physical factors such as Diabetes, Infections, Kidney Disease, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Obesity, and Hormonal Deficiencies including Low Testosterone. Our doctors can help with many of the complicating factors that result in Erectile Dysfunction. Our natural treatment has very little to no side effects, with the highest risk being an upset stomach. Our doctors will work with you to address all the complicating factors that have led to your ED. We are happy to assist you with Smoking Cessation, weaning from prescriptions, and controlling or reversing disease. Our doctors can very accurately treat your needs by treating your body as a whole, and addressing all of your needs through acupuncture, chiropractic, dietary changes, and natural supplements. All of these things combined can greatly improve your health, reducing or eliminating your Erectile Dysfunction.