Dr. Andrew Kong & Associates
Cancer Support Interested in all-natural therapies to help alleviate the symptoms associated with cancer? IPM offers an alternative and supportive cancer treatment program. Unlike many traditional cancer therapies, we take a holistic approach to managing the patient with cancer. We will start with a comprehensive health evaluation that takes account of many different internal systems so that we can develop the alternative balancing therapy that is best for the patient and the side effects that they are experiencing. Because the body's immune system fights off and helps reverse many early cancer formations, all therapies need to address strengthening of the immune system and restore optimum function to help the body fight any cancer cells that are formed each and every day. Most often when society thinks of cancer treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery come to mind. But there’s a whole other side to supporting the body and its systems rather than to just fight the symptoms. During cancer treatment, patients need to eat well and keep a healthy weight. Our staff can help you focus on the Triad of Health; Mental/Emotional Support, Chemical Balance, and Physical Balance. Dealing with cancer can be extremely overwhelming; if you need to know where to turn with questions about your treatment or its side effects, or you need help coping with the emotional impact of cancer, our doctors are happy to listen and talk to with you one on one to provide the support you need. At Interventional Pain Management, some of our treatments include but are not limited to: • Acupuncture • Vitamin and Nutritional Detox • Oral Chelation • Proper Diet / Nutrition Education and Therapy • Chinese Medicine / Herbs / Homeopathic Remedies • Chiropractic / Massage / Lymphatic Drainage To arrange for alternative cancer therapy, or to learn more about cancer and natural ways to assist treatment and prevent it, contact our staff at (815) 397-8500.