Dr. Andrew Kong & Associates
Acne Solution Acne can be annoying, embarrassing, and painful. Acne tends to originate from hormone and gut dysfunction. We have many options to clear up acne ranging from small pop up acne to severe acne. An Overview of Our Methods Acupuncture – Acupuncture treats the body as a whole. This is an effective treatment for acne because it clears gut dysfunction and balances hormones. Expansive Blood Panel – The extensive panel indicates the health of the certain vital organs that can have a great effect on the cycle of acne. Laser Light Therapy – Our laser light therapy works to increase blood flow to the affected area promoting healthy skin. Light therapy can also help kill unhealthy bacteria that can cause excess oil. Nutritional Therapy – We design a diet and supplement regimen based on each patient’s specific needs. The diet and supplements work to correct any remaining imbalances, deficiencies or excess values that were noted through your blood work. All of these methods combined allow for healing to occur naturally and usually very quickly! Natural Acne Skin Products – We have a natural skin care line “Ilima”. We have 4 Acne Packages or you can create your own specific pack with our wide variety of products to relieve your acne. These products including cleansers, Salicylic washes, deep penetrating masks, spot treatments and more! Please visit Ilima.info