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4338 Morsay Dr Lower Level Rockford, IL  61107

Dan from Rockford: I have been going to IPM twice a week for the past month and can't believe the incredible difference Dr.Kong and the staff have made in my daily life! I have suffered from Chronic pain in my hip, well my primary Doctor played off as a just a "pulled butt muscle" and here is a prescription for physical therapy. I have been down that road and pain persist After many weeks of that treatment so I decided to try acupuncture as I have used it other times over the past 30 years to eliminate pain from sports injuries and an accident! The ancient art of acupuncture was exactly what I needed! I feel great and IPM made it happen! Thank you Dr. Kong and your great staff !!!

Kathleen from Kirkland: I have been going to IPM for 3 years, most recently for Physical Therapy and holistic treatments for a torn rotator cuff and blown bicep. I had surgery to get both repaired two weeks ago. When the surgeon went in with the scope he found that the rotator cuff, which had a 50% tear per MRI in March, 2013, was completely healed. The bicep did require surgical intervention. I know that the therapies I received at IPM were instrumental in the healing of the rotator cuff. Thank you to Dr. Kong and all at IPM for all you do Dr. Andrew Kong.

Luane from Rockford: I came to see Dr. Kong for treatment of infertility. We had been trying for 2 ½ years and had no success after four artificial inseminations and two in vitro fertilization transfers. I went through numerous testing's and treatments. Some were highly invasive and began to become very discouraged and emotionally strained. No pregnancies. I then went and seen Dr. Kong, I felt instant emotional relief with acupuncture. I also believe my four week cleanse re balanced my body. We decide to seek another fertility specialist along with our holistic care and feel that both working together helped immensely. I am now pregnant with twins.

Lisa from Rockford: I have suffered with migraine headaches for at least 25 years maybe longer. When I had a migraine, the right side of my head would pound, my eyes would water and bright lights would bother me, it was difficult to function. I missed out on a lot of work and life because of the migraines. I was sent to a headache specialist who put me on a host of medication which of course caused side effects. Pain medication caused digestion problems. I was told I may have to live with migraine pain. Dr. Kong and his staff taught me that foods and environmental issues were the cause. Dr. Kong took the time and tested me for allergies that I never thought I had, which in turn helped me understand my condition better than other specialists that I had seen in the past. I have been migraine free for the first time in my whole life. Within six months Dr. Kong has completely reduced my need for all medications.

Katherine from Rockford: I came to Dr. Kong for a hip joint problem that had developed over a period of about 3 years. Both hip joints were constantly popping in and out as I walked and became painful with running. At one point it was painful to rise from a chair. I had been getting Chiropractic adjustments twice a week before seeing Dr. Kong but without results. Since becoming a patient at IPM and seeing Dr. Kong I have improved slowly but steadily. My hips are popping much less and less painful. My pelvic girdle is more secure, my balance and stamina are much better. Dr. Kong is the most professional I have ever observed. They answer all my questions.

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