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4338 Morsay Dr Lower Level Rockford, IL  61107

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Dr. Andrew Kong (Naturopathic Doctor/Chiropractic Physician/Acupuncturist)

When Dr. Andrew Kong started his practice 20 years ago, he had a vision of creating a multifaceted holistic health center where his patients could get the full package. By combining chiropractic, acupuncture, functional medicine, massage therapy and physical therapy under one roof, our patients to have a wide variety of care, improving the likelihood of recovery.

Dr. Kong, a native of Hawaii, grew up heavily influenced by his father, Buck Sam Kong who is an experienced martial arts instructor. Being emerged in his Chinese medicine background sparked his passion for functional medicine as well as martial arts.

Dr. Kong completed his Bachelor of Science in human biology followed by his Doctorate in Chiropractic medicine from National college of Chiropractic. He has completed countless post -graduate programs including orthopedic and functional rehabilitation of the neuromuscular skeletal system.

He began using acupuncture to treat these types of conditions; his patients noticed a great difference in their health as a whole. His practice evolved into an internal disorder clinic after expanding his education to include chronic disease, internal disorder treatment and management as well as functional medicine. Dr. Kong has had the privilege of serving very diverse cultures, seeing patients from all over the United States, (California, Nebraska, Arizona, New York) as well as other countries (France, Holland, Belgium).

For 20 years, Dr. Kong has been helping his patients with an integrative holistic approach to restore balance to the body, mind and soul. Call 815-397-8500 to experience an integrative clinic like no other in this area!