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The doctors at Interventional Pain Management of Northern Illinois have developed successful treatment programs to handle muscular, spinal and nerve pain. Our philosophy is to provide patients with quality care in a friendly, welcoming environment. Our multidisciplinary team of specially trained doctors and physicians incorporates the most advanced and least invasive options for addressing painful illnesses.

Conditions and symptoms we treat:

Neck Pain

Due to its flexibility, the neck can be especially vulnerable to injuries that cause a variety of
symptoms, including neck pain, migraines, tension headaches, shoulder pain and even pain and
numbness radiating down the arms and hands. Our physicians can properly identify the cause of your pain and begin providing you with the correct treatment to bring you fast relief.

Back Pain

Most people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Once you have sustained a back injury, there is a 36% chance of a recurring injury. Back pain also accounts for a significant number of workers’ compensation claims. Without proper treatment, a back injury could lead to serious conditions later in life. Do not ignore your pain. Let our highly qualified team of doctors help you obtain effective relief.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Traditional treatments, especially surgery, have proven failure rates of up to 39%.3 The physicians at Interventional Pain Management of Northern Illinois treat the source of your pain with a variety of techniques that help you achieve a pain-free lifestyle.

Herniated Disc; Leg or Arm Pain

Herniated discs occur when a disc protrudes or bulges, causing it to compress nerves or irritate the spinal cord. Some common symptoms of this condition include sharp pain in the lower back and localized muscle weakness and pain. In many cases patients needlessly endure difficult and oftentimes unsuccessful surgeries. These surgeries can leave the patient in worse pain than
before. Our team of skilled doctors and therapists can treat most of these injuries, most often
leading to a successful recovery without surgery.

Chronic headache pain can affect your ability to work, spend time with your family and participate
in the activities you enjoy. Migraine headaches can impact your everyday life and lead to more than a billion dollars in health care costs each year. Some headaches can be caused by a cervical anomaly, or may even be a sign of a far more serious condition. Do not leave these symptoms unchecked! Our highly qualified team of therapists and medical doctors can identify the source of your symptoms and provide you with the appropriate treatment to ensure a speedy recovery.

Degenerative Arthritis

It is estimated that over 46 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. Left untreated, arthritis can become increasingly debilitating. Early treatment of this condition can help alleviate pain and stop its progression. Our physicians care about your quality of life and work rapidly to treat your arthritis and improve your mobility.

n Acute and chronic neck and back pain

n Arthritis and joint pain

n Bulging or herniated disc

n Chronic muscle tension

n Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

n Degenerative disc disease

n Facet syndrome

n Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

n Fibromyalgia

n Headaches and migraines related to

cervical anomaly

n Herpes zoster pain

n Neuropathy

n Plantar fasciitis

n Pseudo-radicular pain

n Sciatica

n Spinal column anomaly

n Spinal stenosis

n Tingling in arms and legs

n Trigeminal Neuralgia

n Whiplash pain

n Pain related to MVA injury

n Personal injury

n Sports-related pain

n Work-related pain

Professional Diagnosis and Treatment

At Interventional Pain Management of Northern Illinois, we offer patients a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures designed to reduce or eliminate pain. These procedures may reduce or even eradicate the need for oral medications and narcotics, and in many cases can eliminate or postpone the need for invasive surgical  procedures.

Our treatment modalities include:

n In depth evaluations by pain specialist

n Epidural steroidal injections

n Large joint injections

n Muscular trigger point injections

n Facet blocks

n Interlaminar/transforaminal blocks

n Ganglion blocks

n Radiofrequency neuroablation

n Rehabilitation programs

n Interventional diagnostic procedures

n Occipital nerve blocks