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Did you know that chiropractors are ranked in the top 3 providers when it comes to health care in the United States? Chiropractic is not only one of the oldest health care professions in the US, it is one of the most established philosophies used for treating health issues through natural medicine, proven over the centuries to do the body good. While medical doctors are now trying to reinvent and jump on the band wagon of new “health trends”, like nutrition, diet and lifestyle changes, chiropractors have been providing these “health trends” for a hundred years.

Interventional Pain Management offers Chiropractic services in a way that brings the whole body into focus. It is not simply about spinal adjustments; it is about complete and total body wellness through natural methods of healing without drugs or surgery, based on the premise that the body is better able to heal itself provided it is permitted a healthy lifestyle and a normal functioning spine.

The chiropractors at IPM specialize in the motion of the spine and the inter-relationship of the bones, muscles, and the nerves. They work both directly and indirectly with the nervous system by concentrating on how the spine works and how it is affecting the health and symptoms of each patient, since every function of the body is under the control of the nervous system.

Because the spine plays such an important role in protecting the nerves that make movement possible, allow you to feel sensations, maintain balance and control all other systems such as the reproductive, digestive and respiratory system, it is important to maintain and treat injuries or stress to the body in order to have optimal health.

We see treatment as not merely traditional adjustments of the misaligned or displaced vertebrae (subluxation) but as a combination of alternative therapies such as physical therapy, muscle therapy, and acupuncture to create the best option that addresses your every concern; customized by your doctor. So whether you need to see us for an auto accident, sport injury or headaches, Chiropractic therapy can be individualized to meet your treatment goals.

Our doctors and staff are committed to keeping our patients educated through the entire process of Chiropractic Therapy that includes a combination of other services such as lifestyle changes, health tips and other holistic treatments, always remembering to care for the whole person.

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