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Ask IPM Doctors Your Questions Here!

IPM believes that patient education is one way to help our patients better understand their visit to our clinic, how we customize treatment plans to each individual, why we do the tests we do, and much more.  For that reason, we want you to feel free to “Ask the doctor” a questions and one of our Doctors will respond.

Bear in mind, we will not provide any medical diagnosis, treatment or care, or other substitute over the Internet or through email.  We reserve the right not to answer questions that are inappropriate or not applicable for email contact.  We will try and answer general questions on a variety of issues to better inform our patients and help alleviate concerns (that do not require diagnosis, emergency actions, etc.) Questions and answers may be posted on our website for informational purposes.  Your personal information will remain confidential unless otherwise agreed to.

Always consult with your physician or health care provider in person before embarking on a new treatment, diet, or fitness program.

By clicking on the submit button, you acknowledge that you understand we will answer general questions in a timely fashion, we won’t disperse medical diagnosis or treatment and that answers to your questions are not meant to replace anything your current physician has directed you to do.

Mail: contact@drandrewkong.com?subject=contact

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