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4338 Morsay Dr Lower Level Rockford, IL  61107

Our Specialty is Treating Your Difficult Pain

What Makes Us Different

Our procedures are extremely successful at rehabilitating injured patients. Patients suffering from acute or chronic pain may feel discouraged or even hopeless; however, within the first few treatments, most experience positive results and a refreshed sense of hope. The key to our success is the quality of care, degree of relief and fast recovery produced by our treatment systems. We tailor our techniques to fit each individual’s needs by accurately diagnosing their condition. We also focus on recommending personalized treatment that will bring about the most pain relief.

How This Benefits You

Your care will be coordinated so that you can receive the right type of treatment at the right time. You will receive the specialized care you require for a speedy recovery. Our treatments produce the fast results you are looking for, and that’s what we’re all about: results that give you back the quality of life you always enjoyed. We want to welcome you to a facility with a professional group of health care providers that can truly understand your pain and are well-equipped to bring you the level of care you deserve.

It’s scary, sometimes not knowing or understanding what alternative/holistic/natural health care can do for you. That’s why we are the best at what we do. We care about your health, your success, your trials, your pain, all of it, because we want to help you and knowing all about you helps us to determine the best course of action to bring you back to optimal health.

Understanding the relationship that our body systems have with each other is key. It leads to understanding why our medical team looks at overall health, why the doctors run the tests that they do, and why they customize specific treatment plans for every unique person who truly wants, and is ready, to be healthy.

Picture an old fashioned wagon wheel and spokes. The wheel is your health; the spokes are the body systems at work (chemical, emotional, energetic, physical). When everything is in place, our life journey is much smoother and less full of surprises. But when one or more of those spokes is missing or damaged and out of sync, life becomes full of ups and downs.

Chronic disease begins when there is imbalance in the body. It starts small, almost unnoticeably, caused by any of a number of things (pollutants, stress, toxic overload, pinched nerves, untreated infections) and grows into a disorder. By finding the cause of the problem and correcting it, disease can be prevented or cured. Preventative care is the best option – if you catch the signs and symptoms early enough and work to correct the problem, you can prevent disease from developing into emergency crisis (possibly death).

We don’t plan on letting your condition “fully develop” so that we can diagnose the problem, we plan on working with test results to narrow down and pinpoint the cause at the source. Where prescription drugs are essential in crisis care situations, supplements are essential to treatment and prevention of chronic disease and are incorporated into your care plan to ensure the best possible chance at remaining disease free.

Maintaining (or regaining) good health naturally is accomplished through a variety of complimentary treatments including lifestyle change, nutritional education, emotional balance, detoxification of the body systems, therapeutic treatment, and a desire to be healthy. If you are not in it to win, maybe you aren’t ready for us, yet. Don’t give up hope, we are here and will be ready for you when you are sick of being sick.

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